• 品牌 台湾天钰 FP6715
The FP6715 is a high efficiency, fixed frequency
550KHz, current mode PWM boost DC/DC converter
which could operate battery such as input voltage
down to 2.5V. The converter output voltage can be
adjusted to a maximum of 5.25V by an external
resistor divider. Besides the converter includes a
0.08Ω N-channel MOSFET switch and 0.12Ω
P-channel synchronous rectifier. So no external
Schottky diode is required and could get better
efficiency near 93%.
The converter is based on a fixed frequency, current
mode, pulse-width-modulation PWM controller that
goes automatically into PSM mode at light load.
When converter operation into discontinuous mode,
the internal anti-ringing switch will reduce
interference and radiated electromagnetic energy.
The FP6715 is available in a space-saving SOT-23-6

package for portable application.

  High Efficiency up to 93%
  Low R DS (ON) Integrated Power MOSFET
  NMOS 80mΩ / PMOS120mΩ
  Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V
  Fixed 550KHz Switching Frequency
  Low-Power Mode for Light Load Conditions
  ±2.0% Voltage Reference Accuracy
  PMOS Current Limit for Short Circuit Protection
  Low Quiescent Current
  Output Ripple under 200mV. (Scope Full
  Fast Transient Response
  Built-In Soft Start Function
  Over-Temperature Protection with Auto Recovery
  Output Overvoltage Protection
  Space-Saving SOT-23-6 Package
  Portable Power Bank
  Wireless Equipment
  Handheld Instrument
  GPS Receiver

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