• 品牌 台湾远翔类比 FP7152
General Description
The FP7152 is a continuous current mode inductive step down converter. It can drive single or
multiple series connected LEDs. The FP7152 includes the output switch and a high-side output current
sensing circuit, which use an external resistor to set the average output current. Output current can
also be adjusted by applying an external signal to the ‘ADJ’ pin. The ADJ pin accept either a DC
voltage or a PWM dimming waveform. The PWM dimming filter components are contained within the
chip. Applying a voltage under 0.2V to the ADJ pin will turn off the output.
The FP7152 is available in the SOT89-5L package, Its space-saving footprint occupys small PCB
area for miscellaneous application fields.
1A Output Current
Internal 0.5 Ω 26V Power MOSFET Switch
Wide 7 to 26V Operating Input Range
20μA Shutdown Mode Current
Typical 4% Output Current Accuracy
Signal pin ON / OFF and Brightness Control
Adjustable Soft-Start
Up to 95% Efficiency
Up to 1MHz Switching Frequency
Internal Dimming Filter
Package: SOT89-5L
Low Voltage Halogen replacement LEDs

LED back-up lighting

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